Issue 10 – 15th February 2011

And we’re already onto the 10th edition. To celebrate I’ve gone and paid for an upgrade to my Mailchimp account, meaning that all the links you see should now not be horrible link tracking things. Lots of people complained about that.


I’m organising another talks evening in London on the 3rd of March, kindly hosted by the nice folks at youDevise again. We’ll have three talks; one on Spacewalk, one on monitoring and another to be announced. Only a few tickets left.

Another London event, this time of the paid variety from Thoughtworks. Jez Humble and Chris Turner, are running a full day workshop on March 10th on continuous delivery.

First of a couple of Puppet articles I read with interest this week. This one covers self-classifying puppet nodes, and is a good walkthrough with code examples of using puppet and mcollective.

The second puppet article, about the best way of separating whether you want something installed and whether you want it running in a puppet module. Some good alternatives and discussion in the comments as well.

Lots of devops talk is still focused on the technology and I’m probably as guilty of featuring more technology material than anything else. This article caught my eye this week though on what devops really means to business minded folk.

Migrations are always hairy and this post has some nice details about how Involver moved from AWS recently. Just enough juicy details to be interesting.

Thought provoking video from Randy Shoup talking at QCon about how programming might evolve as more and more things take advantage of cloud services.

Some of the slides from the presentations at FOSDEM are showing up online. I particularly liked Joshua’s Chef 101 and application deployment double presentation. A good introduction in the first half and a detailed look at deploying apps using Chef in the second.


Spatula looks an interesting tool for anyone using Chef. It provides a simple command line interface to the Opscode cookbooks stored in the official repository, allowing you to search, get details of and download quickly.